If you are having a microphone issue:

Please do a test first by:

         Go to https://mictests.com/

         Click  START

         When prompted, click ALLOW to permit access to the device microphone

         Begin speaking when prompted

o   If the space stays blank when you are talking, the microphone is bad. Please submit a ticket to the help desk from the green button at the bottom of our Student Support for District Device page. (https://www.methacton.org/Page/647 ).

o   If you see colored bars going up and down, then the microphone is working.

If you are having difficulty in Zoom specifically:

These settings are specific to the user and cannot be set in advance.

         While in a zoom meeting,

         Go to the microphone icon (where you would mute and unmute)

         Click on the ^ to the right of the icon.

         A dropdown window will appear and you should select the one at the bottom for Audio Settings.

         Click to turn on Automatically adjust microphone volume.

Note: The reset will take a few minutes to recalibrate.